How Do You Connect a TV to an Audio Receiver?


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To connect a TV to an audio receiver, place the receiver close to the TV, determine which audio input and output connection ports the devices support, and use a cable with appropriate plugs to connect them. This should disable the internal speakers and activate the ones connected to the receiver.

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To avoid needing long connection cables, place the audio receiver within 6 feet of the TV. Look behind the TV for an unused connection port labeled Audio Out. Most TVs, as of 2015, typically feature multiple analog outputs, including RCA and 3.5 millimeter jacks. If your TV includes an optical or coaxial digital output, use that instead of the analog counterpart because it produces better sound quality.

Look at the back of the sound receiver or amplifier, and find an unused audio input port. The most common audio inputs are AUX and TAPE, while most stereos and home theater receivers include an RCA jack as well. If the receiver features a digital audio input, use it. Turn off both devices, and use a cable with connectors that suit the selected input and output ports to connect the devices. Turn everything on, and test whether the speakers connected to the receiver are producing sound. If not, access the Audio settings section via the menu on your TV, and disable the internal speakers manually.

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