How Do You Connect a Tablet to a TV?


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To connect a tablet to a television, use a wired connection such as an HDMI cable, mobile high-definition link, or a wireless connection such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Di and near field communication. Wired connections are faster than wireless connections and offer seamless data transfer between devices.

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How Do You Connect a Tablet to a TV?
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To connect a tablet to a television via an HDMI cable, both must have an HDMI port. If the port is not present on any one of these, use appropriate adapters. Televisions normally use full-size HDMI ports, while tablets usually use mini HDMI ports. Connect a suitable HDMI cable to both devices, and choose the HDMI source from the television's controls menu.

To connect a tablet and a television using MHL, ensure that both the devices are MHL-compatible. Connect an MHL adapter cable to the MHL port on the devices. Now, control the tablet with the television remote.

If the tablet and the television belong to the same manufacturer, use the applications that allow you to mirror the tablet on the television or Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) to stream media using a Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, use an Intel Wi-Di Widget to display the tablet's content on the larger screen.

NFC wireless connections allow for quick sharing of media content between a tablet and a television, provided both the devices are NFC-compatible. To establish this connection, place an NFC tag on the television, download the Tag On application from LG, pair the two devices, and then stream media between them.

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