How Do You Connect a Standard DVD Player to a TV?


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To connect a standard DVD player to a TV, remove the DVD player from the packaging box, and place it on a flat surface next to the TV. Unfold the video and audio cables that come in green, yellow and red.

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  1. Plug the video and audio jacks into their respective ports in the TV

    The video and audio ports of a TV are found at the back or sides. Locate the terminals labeled “Line In” on your TV, and plug one end of the audio and video jacks into the ports that match with their colors.

  2. Connect the DVD player to your TV

    Insert the other end of the audio and video jacks into the terminal of the DVD player marked “Line Out.” Connect the DVD player into the electrical socket on the wall, but do not turn it on.

  3. Turn on your TV, and insert batteries into the remote control of the DVD player

    Connect the TV to the power outlet, and turn it on. Press the video option on the remote control of the TV. Turn on the DVD player, open the DVD drive, insert a compatible disc and wait for a few seconds for the lens to read its contents. Use the remote control of the DVD player to set the clock, display settings and other features as the disc plays.

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