How Do You Connect to a Remote Computer Using Remote Desktop Connection?


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To connect to a remote computer using Remote Desktop Connection, open the remote desktop tab in System Properties on the remote computer and select users who can access the computer through the feature. Open Remote Desktop Connection on the working computer and use the utility to connect to the remote computer.

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Run through the following steps to set up Remote Desktop Connection and use it to connect to a remote computer.

  1. Open System Properties
  2. To find System Properties in Windows 7 or 8, search for "Remote" in Control Panel. To find this in Windows 10, right click on the Computer menu under the Start button and select the properties option.

  3. Allow remote connections
  4. Click on the Remote tab in System Properties. Check the option to allow remote access and click on one of the options to allow other users to access the computer through Remote Desktop Connection. Select the option to choose users and search for users by location or enter in specific user names. Confirm the selection to allow those users to access the computer remotely. Users who want to connect to the computer with the same user account on both computers can skip this step.

  5. Invite users
  6. To allow other users to connect to the computer, send an invitation through Windows Remote Assistance. To run Windows Remote Assistance, search for the application in the search box in the Start menu.

  7. Open Remote Desktop Connection
  8. To connect to the remote computer from another computer, open Remote Desktop Connection on the second computer. Click on the Computer tab and search for the computer name of the remote computer. Click the option to connect to that computer.

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