How Do You Connect a Receiver?


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The connection of the receiver to the speaker is done by inputting the two-pronged plugs to their corresponding terminals in the receiver and the speakers as well. Once the connection has been done, the electrical outlet is turned on for the sound to play.

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The back of the receiver has jacks for connecting speakers and other audio equipment to it. Terminals and plugs are colored differently to help match the plugs and their corresponding terminals. Turn off the power to the receiver and other equipment before connecting all the necessary cables to avoid damage and electric shocks during connection.

Connecting a receiver to a speaker involves making the appropriate connection to the positive and negative wires because a wrong connection renders the performance ineffective. The positive terminal is often red in color while the negative terminal is black. Both the receiver and the speaker have negative and positive terminals at the back for wire connections.

Connect the positive terminal on the speaker to the positive terminal of the receiver and the negative terminal of the receiver to the negative terminal of the speaker. Connecting a receiver is a simple process but one needs to be careful so as not to cause damage in the process.

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