How Do You Connect a Phone to a Printer Using Bluetooth?


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To print using Bluetooth, make sure that you’re using a printer that broadcasts Bluetooth and that it’s turned on. Next, check that your phone has the correct printer driver installed. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, and pair your phone with the printer and send the print job.

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How Do You Connect a Phone to a Printer Using Bluetooth?
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Just a few steps can prepare your phone to print out on almost any Bluetooth printer you find.

First, make sure that you have installed printer drivers on your phone. Most of the major printer manufacturers, such as HP, Canon and Lexmark, offer free drivers and printer applications in the Google Store and on iTunes. Another plus is that these apps work for many printer models, so you don’t need to install separate drivers for each printer.

Next, pair your phone with the specific printer you're using. Make sure printer is “discoverable,” or visible to your phone’s Bluetooth receiver. Then, turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, and select the printer from the list of devices the phone found. If the printer sends your phone a passcode, punch it in. You should receive confirmation from the printer that the pairing worked.

On the phone, find your app’s “Print” function, and then select the printer from the list the phone generates. Your phone transmits the print job to the printer where you can pick up your copy.

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