How Do You Connect a PC to TV Wirelessly?


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Use Intel Wireless Display or HP Wireless TV Connect to wirelessly connect a PC to TV. Intel Wireless Display is often pre-installed on laptops and high definition televisions. Users can also purchase an adapter if the technology is not already installed.

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Intel Wireless Display technology enables users to stream music, movies, photos and applications from a computer to a high definition television. The system is not recommended for fast-paced action games because of slight lag. The technology uses a fifth generation Intel Core processor. A professional version of the software allows businesses to review presentation files and edit documents in conference settings. It also features enhanced security and privacy settings.

HP Wireless TV Connect comes with a PC adapter and TV adapter that connect to HDMI ports. Computers also require a free USB port to operate the system. It does not require any additional software and works with any computer that meets the minimum configuration settings. The system has a lag of less than one millisecond between the transmitter and receiver. More significant impacts on performance can occur if the devices are too far away from each other or are separated by a concrete wall. The manufacturer recommends that the transmitter and receiver be no more than 16 feet part.

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