How Do You Connect Your PC to a TV?

connect-pc-tv Credit: Rich Seymour/E+/Getty Images

To connect your computer to a television, both electronics must have the same ports. These ports include VGA, DVI, composite video, HDMI, S-video and component video. If both have similar ports, you can use the appropriate cable to connect them and view your PC screen on the TV.

  1. Note the type of TV

    High-definition televisions, or flat-panel TVs, have various ports for accepting external connections. If you have an HDTV, look for an HDMI, a DVI or a VGA port. If your PC and TV have these ports, invest in the appropriate cable for those connections. Standard-definition TVs, or box TVs, have S-video, composite video or component video ports. Therefore, you need those appropriate cables for making the connection.

  2. Turn off the PC and the TV

    Before making a connection, power down both electronics. Set the PC close to the TV. If you have any peripherals, such as mice and keyboards, leave them attached.

  3. Connect the cable

    Using the correct cable, plug each end to the ports on the TV and the computer. Make sure you have a solid connection so that the cable does not come loose.

  4. Turn on the TV

    Turn on the TV, and set the input to match the output of the computer. Because TVs vary, check the user's manual to find out how to switch inputs.

  5. Turn on the computer

    Turn on the computer, and view the desktop on the TV. If you notice a stretched or shrunken display, navigate to the resolution settings on the PC. Then, adjust the resolution to fit the screen.