How Do You Connect to a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot With a Verizon Device?


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To connect to a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot with a Verizon device, go to your Wi-Fi settings and click the hotspot’s name to connect. If you have a secured hotspot, enter the hotspot’s password to gain access.

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To connect to your hotspot, make sure you turn on your device’s Wi-Fi settings. Also, make sure your device is connecting to a trusted Wi-Fi by knowing the name of the hotspot location. Some hotspots can broadcast at a 2.4-gigahertz or 5-gigahertz frequency. If you are unable to see the hotspot, check if the hotspot is broadcasting at the 5-gigahertz frequency, as this type of frequency poses a challenge for some hotspots.

Once you connect to the hotspot, the device begins using data from the hotspot rather than cellular data. Be aware of the distance to the connection of your hotspot since limitations exist on how far the broadcast signal can reach. Depending on the distance from the hotspot, you lose connection speed the further you move away from the hotspot. The speed from the hotspot also slows down depending on how many users connect to it. Simultaneous connections use up bandwidth, causing other connected users to experience slow speeds due to high traffic.

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