How Do You Connect a Laptop to a Wireless Network?


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To connect a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop to a wireless network, ensure you're in the range of a Wi-Fi network, click on the Wi-Fi icon on the system tray, click on the name of the network from the list of available Wi-Fi networks, enter the password if prompted, and then click Connect. If it's a network you'll be using regularly, select Connect Automatically before clicking Connect. Afterwards, choose whether the network is a home, work or public network.

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To connect to Wi-Fi, your laptop must have a built-in wireless network adapter. If you're not sure whether the laptop has a built-in adapter, go to Start, right-click Computer, and click Properties. Click on Device Manager, and then click the arrow next to Network Adapter to check whether the Wi-Fi adapter appears.

If the Wi-Fi adapter isn't listed, attach an external adapter. Purchase a wireless network card or a USB wireless network adapter that is compatible with your laptop, and install it. If your laptop requires a driver for the adapter, install it. Reboot the laptop to complete installation of the wireless adapter and for the driver to start functioning. Complete steps to connect to the Wi-Fi network once you have the external adapter working properly with the computer.

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