How Do You Connect to the Internet With IStar - Korea IPTV?


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To connect to the Internet using the iStar Korea IPTV, first locate the Internet option in the menu list. Once the Internet option is selected, it highlights three options. Scroll through to the Ethernet configuration option, and select it. The Ethernet configuration option can also be located by pressing F1-555.

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Once the Ethernet configuration option is selected, a media center window appears that gives a list of options for link type. These options include the wired network, the wireless network, the 3G network and the general packet radio service network. For the wired network, directly select and use the Internet.

For the wireless network connection, first search for the available Wi-Fi hotspot. Enter the password, and select the auto link option. Next, select the link button to connect to the selected wireless network. The 3G network can be used directly using a universal serial bus to 3G Internet connections. To connect to the general packet radio service network, use the network dongle, or search for the auto mode, select the auto link and press the blue bottom.

Once the Internet connection is done, a message is displayed indicating that the network connection was successful. To use the Internet, go back to the initial Internet option in the menu listing, and select the net centre option. The Internet can now be used.

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