How Do You Connect to a Home Router?


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Accessing a home router requires that the router and computer are connected by an Ethernet cable or by wireless signal, and you need to type in the router's IP address in the Web browser search bar. The IP address of the default gateway varies among router models.

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How Do You Connect to a Home Router?
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First, ensure that your router is plugged into the Internet port and that it is properly broadcasting. There should be a blinking green service light. If you intend to connect wirelessly, access your computer's wireless connections, and connect to the strongest available signal, which is your router. Otherwise, run an Ethernet cable from the network port on your computer to the Ethernet/LAN port on the router.

To determine the router's IP address, open the Command Prompt by typing "cmd" in your computer's search bar. Then, type "ipconfig". The IP address listed next to "Default Gateway" is the IP address of your home router, as viewed from inside the network. For example, it could be

Access a Web browser, click in the URL bar and type the router's IP address. This leads to the router configuration page. Log in with the username and password provided by your ISP, and make any changes necessary.

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