How Do You Connect a Headset to a Phone?


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To connect a head set to a phone, enable the Bluetooth on your mobile phone, switch on the Bluetooth adapter, and pair the phone and the headset. You need a mobile phone with Bluetooth and a Bluetooth headset to complete this task.

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How Do You Connect a Headset to a Phone?
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Start by charging your mobile phone and Bluetooth adapter in case they are short of battery energy. Once the two are sufficiently powered, turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device. Typically, this involves going to the phone Menu, selecting the Settings menu, followed by Wireless and Networks, selecting the Bluetooth Settings and then choosing the Turn on Bluetooth option.

Next, turn on the Bluetooth adapter. The Bluetooth adpater on the On mode blinks its light once. To pair the phone and the headset, press on the headset’s button for about 10 seconds to allow the headset to search and link with the phone. The light blinks during the searching and becomes still after the pairing. Once the two are paired, select the Bluetooth setting on the phone, scan for devices, and choose the Bluetooth headset. Enter the password as needed, which is usually five zeros, and allow time for connection. Finally, check your phone screen for a message to determine if the pairing is successful, and repeat the process as needed to fix any errors.

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