How Do You Connect Fiber Optic Cables?


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To connect fiber optic cables, use a connecting device that suits the weather or conditions to which the cable is subjected. First, remove the outside of the cable using a sharp knife, and peel back the protective fibers to expose the core of the cable. Polish the exposed ends of fiber using a cable-polishing machine. Secure the polished end into a male connector and epoxy it.

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Once you epoxy the connection, place it into an epoxy-curing oven and let it cure for about 20 minutes. Repeat the process with the other cable end, using a female connector. Once both connectors are cured, marry the connectors and place the cable somewhere safe where it cannot be easily jerked or yanked.

When adding a connector to fiber optic cable, it's necessary to polish the ends and epoxy them in order to allow data travelling through the wire to transfer properly. Always affix connectors in an indoor and dust-free area to prevent any disruption in the connection. Be careful not to cut deeper than the cable jackets to maintain proper function of the cable. As of 2015, there are 12 types of connectors, and each type is designed for a particular environment, climate or purpose.

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