How Do You Connect a DVR to a TV?


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The first step in connecting a DVR to a TV is determining the right cables for the connection. To connect audio and video, you have three options for cables: a composite cable, an S-Video cable plus an RCA audio cable, or an RCA audio cable plus a component-video cable.

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If your TV is an older model lacking audio and video connections, you need an RF modulator and a coaxial cable. As a precaution, unplug any electronic devices you need to use during the connection process from the power supply. Also, ensure you have a reasonable distance between the DVR and the TV so that cables can fit well enough when connecting the two.

If you are using an RF modulator, connect the DVR to the RF modulator, and then connect the DVR to the TV. Afterward, plug the coaxial cable to the RF ports of the RF modulator and the TV. If you are using RCA cables, plug the RCA video and RCA audio into the corresponding ports on the DVR. If you are using S-Video or component-video outputs instead of RCA cables, follow the same procedure using them in place of the RCA cables.

Next, plug the devices to an electrical outlet, and then set the TV to either channel three or four for it to pick up the signal.

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