How Do You Connect a DVD Player to an Older TV?

Connect a DVD player to an older television by using an RF modulator to convert the audio and video signal from the player into a radio frequency signal that can be fed through a regular antenna connection. The resulting output displays on a preselected channel on your TV.

To setup an RF modulator with your system, start by plugging the cables from the DVD player into the appropriate input ports on the modulator. Next, connect the RF modulator to the TV using a standard antenna cable. Set the switch on the modulator to the channel you want the DVD output to be available on. Typically, consumer RF modulators allow you to select either channel three or four as output channels. Finally, turn the equipment on, tune the TV to the channel you selected earlier and the movie playing on the DVD player should display on the screen.

Another method for connecting a DVD player to an older TV involves using a VCR as the signal converter; however, this usually results in a dramatic reduction in picture quality. The reason for this lies in the piracy protection systems used when encoding DVDs. These systems interfere with circuitry of the VCR to degrade the video signal and prevent users from making marketable copies of the content, but this unfortunately also thwarts most attempts to use a VCR as a signal converter capable of producing the same quality picture as an RF modulator.