How Do You Connect a DVD Player to a Cable Box?


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To connect a DVD player to a cable box start by connecting the cable outlet to your cable box, and then connect the cable box to your DVD. Connecting your cable box to a DVD allows you to record the currently viewed channel, but both have to be tuned to channels 2, 3 or 4.

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Alternatively, connect the satellite signal or cable TV to the in jack on the cable box. Take the RF coaxial cable, and connect to the out jack on your cable box then to the Antenna in or ant-in jack on the DVD player. Using another RF coaxial cable connect the antenna out or ant-out jack on the DVD to the TV's antenna in jack. Power on your TV, set it to channel 4 or 3, and finally turn on the DVD.

The other option is to connect the Cable TV to the DVD's ant-in jack. Take the RF coaxial cable and connect the ant-out jack on the DVD to the in jack on the cable box. Using a second RF cable connect the out jack on the cable box to the TV's ant-in jack. Turn on your TV and set it to channel 4 or 3. This method doesn't allow you to record programmes from cable TV.

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