How Do You Connect a Dongle to a Tablet?


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A dongle can be connected to a tablet device by inserting it into the correct port of the tablet, usually a USB port. While contemporary dongles tend to rely on USB connectors, some pre-modern designs may require an adapter to connect to a tablet, as of 2015.

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Since they are USB devices, modern dongles can be plugged into electronic devices by lining up the USB connector with the appropriate slot and pushing it in. Because of "plug and play" technology, the device is usually recognized immediately upon insertion.

Dongles are tiny devices that plug into phones, tablets or computers and unlock certain functions that are only available while the dongle is connected. Security authentication is their most prominent function, since requiring a physical object to be plugged in makes piracy through normal means impossible. Certain types of adapters are also referred to as "dongles," especially those that allow access to wireless devices.

One important use of dongles (in their second, expanded definition) in relation to tablets is Wi-Fi connectivity. Since tablets are built to be mobile, they rely on wireless transmission to an Internet source when not plugged directly into a modem or receiver. Thus, some tablets require a dongle connected via USB port in order to access the Internet. However, many modern tablets circumvent this by having a built in Wi-Fi receiver or by connecting to wider 3G or 4G phone networks.

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