How Do You Connect a Computer to a Television Set?

How Do You Connect a Computer to a Television Set?

Connecting a computer to a television depends mainly on the type of television since the computer needs to have an output port that matches one of the input ports on the TV. Some cables do not support audio signals but others, such as HDMI, support some audio signals.

Connecting a computer to a television requires the right set of cables for the input and output ports. The cables range in picture quality from the sharp image of HDMI and DVI connections, to the less sharp image quality of an S-Video connection. If the television and the computer do not share a connection, adapters can facilitate the connection.

HDMI cables are currently the highest standard of connection available found in all HDTVs, as of 2015. They do not need a sound cable since the multimedia interface allows audio signals to pass through.

If a laptop does not have a HDMI port, an adaptor allows connecting through the USB port.

DVI, VGA and S-Video cables do not transfer sound signals and therefore need a separate sound cable to produce the sound. S-Video cables connect to a standard television set. DVI connects to a

HDTV; a standard TV may not recognize it.

After choosing the right cable, connect it to the TV before turning on the computer; othersie, your computer may fail to recognize the external display. Select the correct input from the television set, and adjust the screen aspect ratio.