How Do You Connect a Cellphone to a TV?


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Cellphones can be connected to televisions and stream media by HDMI, a digital living network alliance, Miracast or through third-party applications and devices such as Apple TV and Android. The easiest way is to connect a mobile high-definition link cable from the smartphone to a TV.

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How Do You Connect a Cellphone to a TV?
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To accomplish a wired connection, you need an adapter that converts the signal from the cellphone's mini USB port to a high-definition media interface port. Most adapters require the use of a standard 120-volt wall outlet. The length of the cord dictates the reach of the cellphone to the television. This type of connection is generally considered the most reliable and effective solution.

MHL ports also provide a wired connection, but they should not be confused with mini-USB to HDMI connections because they require a different type of cable and adapter. MHL compatibility is fairly common and is available on many manufacturers' cellphones, including Samsung, Sony and LG.

DNLA or Miracast technology is built into most cellphones, which allows compatible devices, depending on the manufacturer, to connect cellphone to TVs through a home wireless router.

Many popular streaming services also provide complementary applications that provide the ability to stop the streamed content and resume it on a home television, as long as it has an appropriate streaming device

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