How Do You Connect a Cable Modem to a Router?


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You can connect a cable modem to any major brand router with what is called a category 5 cable. This cable carries the connection stream from the modem to a router, which then distributes the signal allowing you to connect multiple devices to the Internet.

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To connect a cable modem to a router, you need at least one cat 5 cable. This wire has matching plugs on each end that look like telephone line connectors, except wider. Connect one plug of a cat 5 cable into the Ethernet port on the back of your cable modem. It should fit snugly and click into place.

Insert the other plug on the cat 5 cable into the input Ethernet port on the back of the router. Although the cable usually only has a single Ethernet port, your router is likely to have multiple ports. One of these ports should be marked for input, and many router manufacturers use a different color for this port to make it easily distinguishable.

When your cable modem and router are both powered on and connected via the cat 5 cable, LED lights should show connection activity. Then you can access the Internet through the router with either wired or wireless connections to computers, tablets or mobile devices.

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