How Do You Connect Apple Devices With a Lightning to Lightning Cable?


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The Apple website offers lightning to USB cables, but not lightning to lightning cables as they do not exist. An Apple device, such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad, connects to iTunes on Apple Mac desktops and notebooks with a lightning to USB cable. To do this, simply plug the USB end of the cable that comes with the specific Apple device into the computer, and the other end into the Apple device.

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When the Apple device connects to the desktop or laptop computer, iTunes automatically syncs the device with the iTunes library. Additionally, you can use iTunes to create a backup of the device’s data using iCloud. To do this, connect the device to your computer using the supplied lightning to USB cable, open iTunes, select the device, and then click “Back Up Now.” To restore a backup or transfer data to a new device, select the device in iTunes after connecting it to the computer, choose the “Restore Backup” option, and then iTunes automatically restores the selected backup.

Additional or replacement lightning to USB cables are available from the Apple website. A 1-meter lightning to USB cable costs $19, and a 2-meter cables costs $29, as of 2016.

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