How Do You Configure a Westell DSL Modem?


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Configure a Westell DSL modem by connecting to the modem through an Internet browser. Connect to your DNS modem by surfing to Enter your user name and password and click OK to access the settings.

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To enter new PPPoE authentication information or change the existing information on a Westell 2100 or 2200, click Expert Mode while connected to the modem. Select Configure and then click Connection. Here, you can enter the PPPoE authentication information that your Internet service provider has given you. While in the Connection screen, you can also put the modem in bridge mode.

If you're unable to access Expert Mode, try again with another Internet browser. Internet Explorer 7 is not compatible with the Westell modem interface. Users must follow a different procedure to access connection settings on a Westell 6100 modem. Click Broadband DSL Line from the menu at the top and select Configure Modem.

To make sure the settings are saved, power everything down. Turn on the modem first and wait until the Ready light is green. Once it's green, turn on the external router and the computer. Although the modem most likely saves the settings after these steps, make sure the settings are as desired by connecting to

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