How Do You Configure a D-Link Router?

How Do You Configure a D-Link Router?

Configure a D-Link router by using the setup wizard and following on-screen prompts or by manually configuring the settings based on user preferences. Individuals with adequate knowledge and experience in setting up a router can choose the latter option.

For USB-enabled routers, such as the DIR-855, users can transfer wireless configuration data between a Windows-based computer and the router through a USB pen drive. To manually set up a DIR-855 router, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Wireless Network Setup Wizard

    Navigate to the Windows control panel and click on Wireless Network Setup Wizard. Select the option "Use a USB Flash Drive" and then click on "Manual Configure."

  2. Input wireless settings
  3. Enable the router's wireless connection feature. Select preferred wireless channel and transmission rate. If necessary, provide or modify the settings including the network name, visibility status, security mode, cipher type, group key update interval and pre-shared key, WPA enterprise, authentication timeout, radius server port, radius server IP address, radius server shared secret, MAC address authentication and SSID list.

  4. Set up the Internet connection type
  5. Choose applicable connection type from the options provided. Configure the primary and secondary DNS servers, maximum transmission unit, MAC Address and 3G USB adapter settings.

  6. Configure the network settings
  7. Access the router's settings through the LAN interface and set up the IP address, subnet mask of the router and local area network, device name, local domain name, DNS relay, router IP address, gateway and primary and secondary DNS servers. Configure the DHCP server settings, DHCP reservation settings and DHCP reservations list.

  8. Configure the USB settings
  9. Select preferred options under USB settings to finish setting up the D-Link DIR-855 router.