What is a conduit engine?


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Conduit Engine is used to install apps from the Conduit App Marketplace. It is sometimes viewed as malware because it often comes bundled with unrelated free software and installs itself without the user's knowledge.

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Conduit Engine is published and distributed by Conduit Ltd., an Israeli company founded in 2005. The Conduit Engine gives users access to apps on the Conduit App Marketplace. The marketplace features apps created by third-party publishers with a strong focus on custom toolbars. Examples of popular toolbars include a real-time monitor for eBay auctions and a bar for Facebook that gives updates on Farmville games. The company began making moves away from the toolbar business in 2013.

Conduit's software has a large number of legitimate users, but the company has sometimes monetized the Conduit Engine by bundling it with unrelated free software. Once installed, it is relatively difficult to remove and has rootkit capabilities that allow for browser hijacking. It has been reported as being automatically installed with the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent. An undesired copy of Conduit Engine installed on a computer can be detected by the presence of the ConduitEngine.dll file in the Windows Program Files directory. It may be necessary to do more than remove this file to end all of the undesired operations of the software, however.

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