How Do You Conduct a Bright House Networks Speed Test?

How Do You Conduct a Bright House Networks Speed Test?

You can conduct a Bright House Networks speed test by visiting the Bright House Networks speed test website and clicking Begin Test. There is a brief pause when you first load the page during which the site locates the server closest to you.

After the website locates a nearby server, it provides an estimate of your ping speed. The test begins by determining download and upload speeds and represents the information through an animated speedometer. The animation also shows a small graph representing your connection to the closest server, and the name of the server's city is in the lower right-hand area of the page.

After calculating your speed, the site displays your latency in milliseconds, the download speed, which is in megabytes per second, and the upload speed, which is also in megabytes per second.

Bright House Networds provides a disclaimer on the site describing factors that affect its speed estimation, such as PC speed and configuration, your wireless configuration, Internet connection and the speed of the servers to which you are connecting.

Bright House Networks provides cable television, cable Internet and telephone service in California, Florida, Michigan, Indiana and Alabama. It is the sixth largest cable operator in the United States.