How Do You Concatenate Text in Microsoft Excel?


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The concatenate function joins the text from cells or functions into one text string. Each cell contains text, numbers, cell references or any combination of these. To use this function, enter "=CONCATENATE(" into a cell, then choose reference cells, values or entered text to combine. Separate each item with a comma, and close the parenthesis for the formula to work properly

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This function is often used to combine first and last names when in separate cells. At least one text string must be entered for the formula to work, and as many as 30 to 255 separate cells, values or entered texts may be combined. For example, if cell A1 contained "Todd," and B1 contained "Smith," then the formula =CONCATENATE(A1, " ", B1), entered into any other cell, produces the result "Todd Smith" in a single cell. The ampersand is used to produce the same result. If "Todd" and "Smith" are again entered in cells A1 and B1, the formula =A1 & " " & B1 yields the same result as the concatenate formula. Any spaces or characters must be enclosed in quotes. This function is used to create complete sentences from entered data. As of 2014, the concatenate function is used in Microsoft Excel 2000 through 2013, Excel XP and Excel 2011 for Mac.

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