What Do You Do If Your Computer Is Stuck in Safe Mode?


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There are different ways of forcing a computer to exit safe mode depending on the type of computer, the operating system, and the problem causing it to become stuck, but in most cases, a simple restart returns the computer to normal. If not, a frequent solution for a Windows computer is to turn off the Safeboot option within System Configurations. Mac users might need to reset the PRAM by restarting while holding the Option-Command-P-R keys.

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Safe mode disables all unnecessary start-up drivers, leaving the computer in the bare minimum configuration. This allows the user to troubleshoot problems, such as an improperly installed application.

If restarting the computer after changing the boot settings in Windows does not return the computer to normal, you may need to complete a full system restore. To do this, open System Tools, and run the System Restore program. This program allows you to choose a restore point and return the computer to an earlier version. It is best to choose the most recent restore point based on the last time the computer worked properly.

Similarly, a Mac user who is unable to return his computer to normal by resetting the PRAM can also reinstall the operating system and restore the computer from a backup using Migration Assistant.

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