What Are Some Computer Stopwatch Programs?

What Are Some Computer Stopwatch Programs?

Stopwatch programs include Orzeszek Timer, MultiTrack Stopwatch and WatchMe, all of which work on the Windows platform. Other timers include CookTimer for the Linux platform and Focus Booster, which is available for both Windows and Mac.

Orzeszek Timer is a basic timer for Windows that counts down to zero and sounds an alarm if desired. The timer accepts command line arguments, a powerful feature for the more tech savvy.

CookTimer, which is almost as simple, is also available for Linux. One option lets the clock reset itself once the timer has run out. Another option allows the buzzer to ring indefinitely until the user turns it off, much like an alarm clock.

MultiTrack Stopwatch has multiple counters, all of which either start individually or all at once. The program tracks these counter values and records them to a file or to the Windows clipboard. Similarly, WatchMe uses five timers together or separately. WatchMe, which is also available for Windows, exports its data to a CSV file.

Focus Booster, which sports a slick interface, uses the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method in which work is partitioned into intervals and separated by brief breaks. The menu provides options for session length, break length and sound. The program display a countdown timer and a meter that gradually fills up. The program also generates invoices and exports reports. Starting at about $3 a month as of 2015, Focus Booster is available for both Windows and Mac.