How Does a Computer Screen Magnifier Work?


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A computer screen magnification programs works with the computer's interface to increase the size of the machine's monitor screen content. It is a useful solution for those with vision problems, and different programs offer different features.

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There are many types of computer screen magnifiers on the market today, each working to enlarge the text on a computer screen and combining this ability with other useful features. Most allow users to control the size of the text quickly and easily.

The most common form of magnification available provides an enlarged portion of the screen, called the focus. The focus can cover part or all of the screen and as the user moves the cursor, the text becomes enlarged. Many of these programs enable the user to use keyboard hot keys which are shortcuts that open menus to allow for easy customization.

As is the case with many screen magnification programs, the greater the magnification, the smaller portion of the screen can be viewed. Magnification levels of between 1 and 16 times are typical for these programs and because magnified text sometimes becomes grainy, users like to use the lowest magnification they can handle. However, today's magnifiers often work by using interpolation to help smooth out the magnified text.

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