How Do You Find a Computer's SSID?


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To find a computer's service set identifier, or SSID, in the Notification area of the taskbar, click on the Wireless Networking icon that resembles several vertical bars. Establish the wireless network to which the computer is connected, then note the network name. This is the SSID.

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An SSID gives the name of a wireless network. It is a case-sensitive name. The SSID is normally named for the wireless router or adaptor in use. Knowing the SSID of a network is a must if other people are to connect to the same network. Users of protected networks also need to know the password.

All devices in a network use the SSID for wireless communication. The default SSID in wireless routers and access points may be the name of the manufacturer or simply the term “default.” Some devices use the model number as the SSID. Changing the default SSID in the configuration settings of the device requires Internet connectivity.

Since the SSID usually broadcasts itself, a computer identifies all the wireless networks it can find once it boots up. Where the SSID is hidden to members of the public, the name can still be input into a computer permanently so as to reconnect automatically when the computer boots up.

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