Why Does a Computer Run so Slow?


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The reasons computers start running slowly include multiple programs operating simultaneously, not enough free RAM, virus or malware infection, fragmented hard drive, and insufficient hard drive space. Computers slow down as a result of heavy demand on resources. The addition of music, movies, games and pictures start using the limited resources on the computer.

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Why Does a Computer Run so Slow?
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Multiple processes running with little memory and disk space cause the computer to run slowly. Multiple programs operating simultaneously divide the resources of the computer. When various utilities, programs and applications are running at the same time, the computer has difficulty performing additional tasks.

Insufficient hard drive space causes computers to run slowly. The hard drive is used by the computer to store information and after the hard drive is filled, the computer loses its ability to organize files. This causes the computer to slow down and leads to a fragmented hard drive. A fragmented hard drive does not properly organize files. This issue is common and restricts the computer from operating smoothly. Fragmented hard drives scatter files throughout the computer, and locating the files requires more time.

Scanning programs also cause slow computer response times. Anti-spyware and anti-virus programs running in the background cause computers to respond slowly to other functions.

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