What Are Some Computer Programs That Show Your Name in Hieroglyphics?


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The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology provides a free hieroglyphics name translator on its website in the Teacher Resources section on Penn.Museum. Similar name or hieroglyphics translators are on the websites of Virtual-Egypt, Tour Egypt, Guardian's Egypt and Discovering Egypt.

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Tour Egypt's and Guardian's Egypt's translators show the hieroglyphic symbols on the pages from left to right as you enter them on the virtual keyboards. The University of Pennsylvania's and Virtual-Egypt's hieroglyphics tools show the name inside of a cartouche, which is an oval with a horizontal line at the bottom. Cartouches symbolized the names of people with royal blood in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Discovering Egypt provides a hieroglyphic typewriter that can show your name or any other words you want to see translated into hieroglyphics. The website provides a virtual keyboard with each letter and its corresponding hieroglyphic symbol combined on each keyboard button. It has a secondary function with numbers and whole symbols for higher numbers, such as a frog for 100,000 and a finger for 10,000. It also has some whole symbols for additional words such as year, month, mother, kiss, male and female. A button for emailing a message in hieroglyphic symbols is included on the virtual keyboard.

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