What Is a Computer Processor?


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A computer processor is the logic circuitry that receives and processes the basic instructions given to a computer by the user. It harmonizes different processes inside the computer to deliver what the user needs. The speed of a computer depends on the speed of the computer processor.

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What Is a Computer Processor?
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The computer processor receives instructions from the user as input and processes the results as output. The Central Processing Unit holds the main processor of a computer. It receives instructions from other parts of the computer such as the keyboard, mouse, joysticks and running applications. The computer processor also determines the types of tasks that should come first as the computer runs.

Computer processors fall into different categories such as dual core, triple core and quad core. Dual core processors run two computer processor units on a single computer. Triple core processors run three computer processors on one computer, while quad core processors run up to four processors.

Computer technicians calculate the speed of a computer processor in megahertz per second. One megahertz equals one million computer instructions per second. Most modern computer processors measure their speed in gigahertz, where one gigahertz equals to 1,000 megahertz. The main manufacturers of computer processors include Intel Pentium, AMD Athlon and Intel Celeron, as of 2015.

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