What Are Computer Output Devices?


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Computer output devices translate the code into forms the user can understand. Output devices are essential in order to use a computer since, without them, it is impossible to view the programs. Monitors and printers are two of the most common output devices.

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What Are Computer Output Devices?
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Many output devices only provide intangible output, such as video or audio. Monitors, projectors, headphones and speakers are all examples of this type of output device. Braille readers also fall under this category since the output is not permanent; it changes depending on what the user is viewing on the computer. Sound cards and video cards allow the computer to communicate the code to these devices.

There are also output devices that produce a tangible product that can be carried with the user. Printers are the most common example of this type of device. Fax machines may also be considered an output device, although they work differently from the traditional computer-printer setup. Increasingly common are 3D printers, which are able to produce objects instead of flat pages like a regular printer. Sometimes storage devices are also considered output devices since they transport data between computers. Storage devices that can be considered output devices include DVDs, CDs, floppy disks and flash drives.

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