How Do You Find Your Computer Name?

How Do You Find Your Computer Name?

Find the name of your Windows computer by typing "hostname" in a command prompt and hitting the Enter key. The same command can be used in a terminal window to obtain the name of a computer running Linux or Mac OS X.

  1. Open Run

    Open a Run window by holding down the Windows key and hitting the R key. The Run window has a text entry field in it labeled "Open."

  2. Open a command prompt

    Clear the text entry field in the Run window and type in "cmd". Then, press Enter, or click on the OK button to open a command prompt. It appears on the screen as a window with a black background and light grey or white text.

  3. Type in the "hostname" command

    Check for a flashing underscore (_) cursor in the command prompt window. If there is no flashing underscore cursor in the window, click on it and the cursor should appear. Then, type "hostname".

  4. Run the command

    Press the Enter key to run the "hostname" command. Your computer name then appears on a new line directly below the line on which you typed "hostname". If your computer name appears in mixed capitalization, note that for network domain uses, it is typically entered in all caps.