What Are Some Computer Key Symbols?

The ampersand, apostrophe, quote, asterisk, and commercial at sign are computer key symbols, as are the hyphen, dollar, number sign and exclamation point. These symbols often have special meanings in computer programs.

To mark the exclusion of one or more letters in a word or to mark a possessive, an apostrophe is used. Words that are joined together often utilize the short hyphen symbol. This symbol is located between the key showing both the equal to and plus signs and the key displaying the number zero.

The ampersand symbol is used to signify the word “and." This symbol is created by simultaneously pressing the shift key and the number seven key on a standard U.S. keyboard. The commercial at symbol represents the word "at" and is used in all email addresses. This symbol is produced by pressing the shift and number two keys simultaneously. Shift and three together create a pound symbol, and shift and four create a dollar sign on American keyboards.

Computer key symbols are organized according to function and arranged into groups. Additional symbols used for typing in a foreign language, displaying a foreign currency sign or producing a trademark, however, may require less direct methods of input.