What Are Computer Key Shortcuts?


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Computer key shortcuts are keyboard key combinations that the user can press at the same time to perform certain functions. Although Windows and Mac OS X operating systems have different key combinations, similar functions often have similar key shortcuts on both systems. Some key shortcuts work across all applications, and some only work in certain applications.

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In an application that displays text, including Web browsers, pressing the A key while holding down CTRL selects all text at once. The user can then press CTRL+C to copy the text, and then CTRL+V in a word processor to paste it. By pressing the Command key instead of CTRL, Mac OS X users can use the exact same key shortcuts.

Some Windows-only key shortcuts are: CTRL+SHIFT+Escape to open the Task Manager, Windows+M to minimize all windows and Windows+R to open the Run dialog. In comparison, Command+Shift+Option+Delete empties the Trash, Option+Mission Control opens the Mission Control preferences, and Command+Shift+T shows or displays a Finder tab on Mac computers.

If using Mozilla Firefox, users can add a bookmark by pressing CTRL+D, CTRL+SHIFT+T to reopen a tab that has been closed recently and CTRL+W to close the currently active tab. Safari users can press Command+M to minimize the window, Command+Option+W to close all tabs except the active one and Command+Shift+L to show the sidebar that includes the bookmarks, the reading list and the shared links pane.

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