How Do You Compress a Video File for Emailing?

Compressing a video for an email has always been a challenge. Video file formats seem to always create larger files than what Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo can accept. To successfully compress a video file for email, use one of the following programs: VirtualDub, Avidemux or iMovie. The file can also be compressed using WinZip.

The easiest way to compress a video file is to obtain appropriate video-editing software. Once obtained, read the instructions specific to that program to learn how to compress the video. In order to find such instructions, you can perform a Google search, such as for the key terms, "video compression in iMovie."

While email may seem like the easiest way to send a video, it also comes with its complications. Email limits the size of the file, slows bandwidth and holds up the queue of emails downloading behind it. Some alternatives to email for file sharing include YouSendIt, Adobe Share, Dropbox, Pownce and Filebox. All these programs allow users to send a desired file size to recipients. However, if you are set on using email, the best options are to convert the file to a ZIP file, invest in a quality video-compressor program or download video-editing software.