What Components Should You Get to Create a Home Theater System?


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Some necessary components for creating a complete home theater system include a TV, a video source, a home theater receiver and a sound system. You also need the appropriate cables, speaker stands and furniture for supporting the various components.

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Go for a high-definition television to deliver high-resolution pictures. Some TVs support 3D, although you will also need a compatible 3D Blu-ray player and 3D glasses. Apart from Blu-ray players, some video sources that can work well with a home include video game consoles and HDTV programming.

You need a home theater receiver if you want surround sound. The receiver captures audio signals, amplifies them and then sends them to the speakers. In addition to multi-channel surround sound, home theater receivers can process and amplify stereo sound. They can also manage video.

For a theater-like sound, you need at least a 5.1 sound system, meaning a sound system featuring five speakers and a subwoofer, You can use bigger sound systems such as 6.1 and 10.2 sound systems. Be sure to acquire compatible cables for connecting the various components. You can purchase a universal remote to reduce the number of remotes lying around. As a precaution, set up a power protection unit to safeguard the home theater system from power surges and lightning strikes.

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