What Are Some Complaints About Clear TV?


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The main complaints about Clear TV are that it has poor and inconsistent reception. Moreover, many consider the technology of the Clear TV digital antenna obsolete and unnecessary.

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Tristar Products manufactures the Clear TV digital antenna. Tristar Products claims that the Clear TV digital antenna effectively receives satellite and cable television signals. Past owners of Clear TV digital antennas say this is not the case, as the Clear TV digital antenna works no better than old fashioned rabbit ears and is vulnerable to the same challenges.

On its website, Clear TV acknowledges this problem openly and offers possible solutions. Clear TV suggests attaching the antenna to the inside surface of a window pane or on the inside surface of a wall that approximately faces the direction of nearby transmission towers. Clear TV sells a signal amplifier to help boost reception.

The Clear TV digital antenna may be useless, some reviewers note. An ATSC tuner, or HD antenna, which functions similarly to a Clear TV digital antenna, is a standard feature on HD televisions manufactured after 2008. This modification was mandated by the government in conjunction with the Digital Television Transition. The modification initially applied to HDTVs that were 35 inches or bigger, but it now applies to all HDTVs.

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