What Are Some Complaints Against Verizon?

Common complaints against Verizon include issues with advertising and sales, products and services, billing, collection, delivery and warranty. Within a 3-year period from 2012 and 2015, a total of 8,504 closed complaints were logged by the Better Business Bureau.

Verizon Communications is a leading American telecommunications company that provides a broad range of technology solutions, including wireless services, in the United States. Over the course of its operation, numerous complaints and lawsuits have been filed against Verizon.

From BBB's customer complaints summary regarding Verizon Communications, the complaint breakdown resolution showed that only 2,256 out of the 8,504 grievances were settled to the satisfaction of the complainants. The rest of those who filed a complaint did not verify with BBB whether their issues were resolved by Verizon's feedback or response to the complaints.

In 2014, a California-based consumer organization filed a complaint against Verizon Communications for allegedly implementing a "forced migration" from traditional telephone service to the modern wireless service or voice over IP technology. The complaint stemmed from Verizon's willful neglect in fixing its copper-based wiring system, which resulted in the disruption and loss of telephone service to residents in Southern California.

The Utility Reform Network, which filed the complaint with the California Public Utilities Commission, further claimed that consumers were then compelled to switch to the newer VoIP technology using the Fios broadband service offered by Verizon. Some customers, particularly the elderly, were not even aware that they were already transferred to VoIP service.