What Are Some Comparisons to Make Between Different Tablets?


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Examples of comparisons to make between different tablets include the speed comparison, which analyzes the performance differences between processors, graphics cards and operating systems, and the portability comparison, which analyzes form factor, weight and battery efficiency. Other comparisons include detailing the differences between the camera and display quality, as well as indicating the advantages of some tablets with regard to warranties and support features.

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What Are Some Comparisons to Make Between Different Tablets?
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The speed comparisons between tablets typically focus on their performance in high-intensity apps such 3D video games or when reproducing high-resolution video content. These comparisons usually list the processor model and its operating speed expressed in the number of gigahertz. The portability comparisons list the maximum battery life under tests that force tablets to refresh Web pages at identical brightness settings until the battery dies. They also examine 4G capability, hard drive and cloud storage, weight and dimensions.

Comparison charts for display quality include information regarding the maximum resolution, screen size, viewing angle and brightness, while comparisons of camera quality delineate the resolutions of front and rear cameras, as well as the quality of video recording. When dealing with support features, comparisons typically mention the options to contact the manufacturer’s support division via phone, Internet or through in-store means. For warranties, these comparisons normally indicate the warranty duration. Some websites, such as TopTenReviews, provide an overall rating that combines all aspects and comparisons into a single score, allowing customers to find the best tablet at a glance.

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