How Do You Compare Smartphone Plans?


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Some providers, such as T-Mobile, provide comparisons of company phone plans, including those for smartphones. A second way to compare plans is to consult a third-party comparison of phone plans, such as that of ConsumerReports.org.

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The independent ConsumerReports.org provides a comparison of cellphone plans from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. As of 2015, the report compares T-Mobile Simple Choice, Sprint Family Share Pack, AT&T Next on Mobile Share and Verizon Edge More Everything based on factors such as the number of people using the plan and the amount of data usage provided per phone.

T-Mobile and some other services also provide comparison between their own individual plans, including both individual and family plans. T-Mobile's website guides the decision-making process by taking potential or current customers through steps such as the number of lines needed for the plan and the amount of mobile data required. The list of plans provided shows a direct comparison of data, cost and whether the plan only applies to smartphones.

In addition to smartphone plan comparisons, some services, such as Charity Mobile, also enable visitors to compare different smartphones by comparing features such as price, data service requirements, screen size and resolution, form factor and processor speed.

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