How Do You Compare Phones Side by Side?


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One way to compare phones side by side is to use a phone specification comparison tool such as the one available on GeekaPhone.com. You can also load the product pages of different phones on retail sites such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart or Glyde and view their descriptions at once.

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The side-by-side phone comparison tool at GeekaPhone.com gives you the ability to choose two smartphone models from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nexus or Xperia and view all of the most relevant information in a single chart. The tool conveniently places details such as battery life, hard drive capacity, screen size and camera resolution for each phone next to each other so that you can see how the two products compare. The tool is useful for comparing different brands of smartphones as well as different models from the same brand.

Another comparison method involves loading the individual product page for a phone and scrolling to its specifications list, then opening a new browser window and loading the same page for a different phone. By resizing the windows, you can position the specifications next to each other and create your own custom side-by-side comparison. It is important to note that while most sites format this information in the same manner across different phones, the formatting is likely to change between sites.

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