How Do You Compare Local Cable Companies?


Comparing local cables companies primarily involves identifying desired services and the cost of packages including those services. Cable packages often include both Internet and television, and some also include phone service. Determining requirements in terms of Internet bandwidth, channel selection, and any other services is a necessary first step in shopping for cable service. With specific requirements in mind, comparing companies based on price becomes easier. Looking up reviews for each company may also be a good idea.

Consider using AllConnect to compare service providers based on zip code. Simply visit, click on Internet or TV, and enter a street address and ZIP code. This will display a list of all service providers in the chosen category that cover that address.

Reliability is often an important consideration when selecting a cable provider, especially for customers in remote areas. The best way to evaluate this is to read a combination of customer reviews and third party evaluations.

Finally, keep in mind that installation and setup may come at a cost. If a cable provider has not previously serviced the address, setup may be more expensive. Conversely, it may be possible for the customer to complete the setup process without having to set an appointment if the provider has already serviced the address.