How Do You Compare E-Readers?


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To compare e-readers, read about the features of each on reviews and store websites. Determine the features you need to choose the right e-reader. Review websites include CNET and PCMag, and BestBuy's website offers an e-reader comparison page, as of 2015.

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How Do You Compare E-Readers?
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Start your search by setting a budget. Think about how you plan to use the e-reader to figure out the features you need.

Screen sizes are typically between 5 and 10 inches, measured diagonally. If you plan to take your e-reader with you frequently, choose a smaller size that's easier to carry and fit in bags. If you usually read at home, a larger screen fits more text and is easier to see.

Battery-life measurements vary by e-reader. Some e-readers list a battery-life measurement in hours, while others list a measurement in months, provided you use the e-reader 30 minutes per day or less. These measurements usually provide battery life for optimal conditions with wireless turned off and the screen brightness set below 50 percent. If you need a long battery life, check the measurement before you buy an e-reader, and configure the settings for optimal battery life.

Visit a store that has e-readers, and try several. Certain features, such as refresh rate and text clarity, are difficult to compare without trying out the e-readers in person.

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