How Do You Compare CPU Performance?

Measure the performance of a central processing unit or computer processor by determining the number of computations the processor can perform per second and the number of individual processors in the chip itself. As of July 2015, most processors on the market are multi-core processors.

Clock speed, measured in gigahertz, measures the amount of calculations a CPU can make per second. A 3 GHz CPU can perform 3 billion calculations per second. The higher the GHz, the more powerful the processor. Additionally, multi-core CPUs have more than one processor combined into a single board. If a CPU has six cores, this means that six individual processors are working together in one CPU. This allows the computer to perform multiple tasks quicker and more efficiently. Newer software programs that require a lot of processing power are currently manufactured so as to make use of more than one processor in a multi-core CPU when performing a single task. Such advanced functions that make use of multi-cores are known as multi-threading or hyper-threading.

CPU performance can also be evaluated according to the type of processor used. Of the two main CPU brands available, AMD is less costly than Intel and is used in computers that require less processing power.