How Do You Compare Computer Processor Ratings?


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Compare computer processor ratings at CPUBoss.com. This site has a comprehensive archive of benchmark scores and other data for Intel and AMD processors. CPUBoss allows users to compare processors on a range of specifications and metrics including PCMark, 3DMark and Geekbench scores. CPUBoss can also combine these metrics into a single score to compare overall performance.

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The performance of computer processors is complex and cannot be distilled to a single number, so it is necessary to use a range of synthetic and real-world benchmark tests to gain an accurate understanding of performance.

PCMark is based on real world applications and developed in collaboration with a forum of hardware and software manufacturers. The benchmark suite emulates common applications in a variety of use cases. PCMark Home assesses performance for workloads including web browsing, gaming and video chat. The Creative test is more demanding than Home and focuses on photo and video editing, media transcoding and gaming. The Work benchmark emulates typical office tasks, while the Applications test uses popular software from the Microsoft Office range and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Geekbench 3 is a synthetic benchmark which assesses integer, floating point and memory performance. Integer tasks include cryptographic processing and file compression. Floating point tasks include image filtering, audio processing and ray tracing. Memory tasks include simple copy operations and basic arithmetic.

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