How Do You Compare Computer Laptops?

Compare computer laptops by accessing the sections that cover laptop reviews on websites such as and, and using the built-in comparison functionality. and also provide an option to compare multiple laptops by searching for the desired laptops and perusing the comparison charts that include similar models.

Access the Laptop & Notebooks section on by clicking on the Laptops in the main navigation bar. As of 2015, this section features reviews and overviews of specifications for more than 1,700 laptops. To filter the list of laptops, specify a price range and check the boxes next to desired manufacturers, operating systems, processors and screen sizes, among other options. Click on a laptop model, click on the Compare button to access the comparison chart, and click on the Add a Product button to add models that aren’t already listed on the chart.

On, click on Electronics in the Categories section, click Computers, and then select the Laptop Computers Review option. If you’re interested in comparing laptops designed to perform well when playing video games, click on Gaming Laptops. This website compares laptops based on their portability, performance, storage, connectivity and support features. lists several models similar to the selected laptop and compares prices, weight, operating systems, processors speeds and the amount of memory. provides in-depth comparison regarding laptop specifications and includes an option to highlight the differences between the selected models.